About Us

About Us

With unlimited aspirations and ambitious goals, CND Accounting Consulting launched in mid-2021 after a detailed study of the Kuwaiti accounting sector and the level of services provided.

At CND, we discovered a great need in the Kuwaiti market for high-level accounting and financial advisory service providers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies stumbled because they did not obtain the financial advice that would help them to stay in the market.

CND’s business model has therefore been designed to ensure the provision of high-level accounting and financial services to help its clients grow and prosper in times of prosperity and survive and adapt when crises occur in the markets.


Our Target Clients: Medium and small businesses.

We deliver high-quality reports on time.
provide our clients with high-quality financial statements and reports in accordance with IFRS and local laws in a timely manner.

Our Objective.

We aim to provide high-quality and timely accounting services to medium and small companies to achieve our clients’ aspirations.

Our Vision.

We seek to achieve leadership in the accounting and financial services sector in the region and to enable medium and small companies to access the highest-quality financial services.

CND Accountancy

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